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For many Frog schools, moving to a virtual school model of operation is nothing new. Frog works with schools around the world and our community has encountered closure through everything from natural disasters, to severe weather patterns and even social upheaval.

In this blog we are sharing experiences and demonstrating the ways in which schools use Frog to carry on with business when the world closes down, and more importantly shape how they do things when things return to normal. 



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Greenshaw High School - RWL Series
Jun 29, 2020, 7:15 AM

See how Greenshaw High School in Surrey are using Frog's feedback tools to provide comment-based feedback and marking for students.

Captured by Adam Barnes in the school's Geography department. The video shows how he marks work submitted by students and provides them with enriched feedback using annotated comments and digital stickers. 


About the school

Greenshaw High School, in Surrey is a dynamic and ambitious secondary school with a vision to nurture it's students to help them reach their full potential. They use Frog in a number of innovative ways and have collaborated with our team to develop The Frog Academy.

How Greenshaw High School have been using Frog for feedback:

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Oak House School - RWL Series
Jun 19, 2020, 7:00 AM

See how Oak House School in Barcelona have made the transition to distance learning easy for staff, students and parents through their ongoing use of Frog.

Captured by Nicki Taylor, Head of Primary at the school. The video shows how the school have delivered engaging online lessons and structured their Frog platform to support the needs of the different age groups. 


About the school

Oak House Primary is a private, co-educational school, situated in Sarrià, in the north of Barcelona.. The school has been part of the Frog family for around two years, using FrogLearn and FrogPlay to create a platform that supports both parent and student engagement.  

How Oak House School have been using Frog:

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Identifying students in need of support
Jun 8, 2020, 6:45 AM

Whilst managing remote learning, many schools are finding it a real challenge to identify those pupils not logging-in regularly to access work and assignments.

Assignment Open Report

The FrogCode Assignment Open Report widget really helped the Kennet School solve this issue. This is what the school had to say:

“The Assignment Open Report identifies which pupils have unopened assignments within a specified date range. The report provides us a clear list of what the unopened assignments are and also which teachers they were set by.

Primarily, the school’s pastoral team use this tool to take a top-level view of all pupils, they can easily identify which ones are not engaging with remote learning content and put interventions in place to engage with them.

Additionally, this widget also assists the school in identifying those pupils in need of support such as, well-being, workload or access to technology.”


Mr C Ellison, Deputy Headteacher
Kennet School


About the school

Kennet School is an academy secondary school in Thatcham, Berkshire. The school have been using Frog for various functions, including running their public website in FrogLearn.

British School of Paris - RWL Series
Jun 1, 2020, 7:15 AM

Discover how British School of Paris are using Frog to create a Flexible environment, provide a Reliable platform, promote Order, and offer opportunities for Growth for their staff and students.

Captured by Keith Pearey, this is a two-part video series showing us how the school are helping their children to use Frog whilst at home. 


About the school

British School of Paris is a private school teaching pupils aged 3-18. The school has built up a strong relationship with Frog, creating a hub for staff, students and parents to access all educational resources and important systems.

How the school have been using Frog to:

Create a Flexible environment
Provide a Reliable platform


Watch video on Youtube.


Promote Order
Offer opportunities for Growth


Watch video on Youtube.

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