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27th March, 2020

Frog Education

Routine can be reassuring in times of change, something that the team at Greenshaw High has recognised.

This week all of their students have had work set for them on Frog, providing them with a completely structured day. They have used the VISITOR LOG widget to check that all students are logging in and accessing resources in the right way,

This forward planning has enabled the teachers to get a week of prep time, ready for post-Easter break teaching.

Additionally, the school has created a wellbeing portal, providing friendly advice and guidance for staying fit and healthy. Greenshaw High has kindly shared this content with us, so it may be adopted by other Frog schools:


Staff Wellbeing


Benefits of approach

  • Providing a consistent structure for daily home learning
  • Relieving teachers for a period to be able to catchup
  • Helps create some normality for everyone
  • Checks on logins help the school identify disengaged students
  • Wellbeing portal provides advice and guidance for all to use and adopt.

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