British School of Paris - Real World Learning using Frog

1st June, 2020

Frog Education

Discover how British School of Paris are using Frog to create a Flexible environment, provide a Reliable platform, promote Order, and offer opportunities for Growth for their staff and students.

Captured by Keith Pearey, this is a two-part video series showing us how the school are helping their children to use Frog whilst at home. 


About the school

British School of Paris is a private school teaching pupils aged 3-18. The school has built up a strong relationship with Frog, creating a hub for staff, students and parents to access all educational resources and important systems.

How the school have been using Frog to:

Create a Flexible environment
Provide a Reliable platform


Watch video on Youtube.


Promote Order
Offer opportunities for Growth


Watch video on Youtube.

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