Using Frog for Revision

10th April, 2017

by Sara Hill, Senior Marketing Manager, Frog


Exams can be stressful for students, teachers and parents. By providing advice, support and tools this can ease some of the pressure and help students get ready for exams.
Here's our guide on how some of our schools use Frog to help students prepare and revise for exams. 


Create a Revision Portal

Create a Revision Portal for students packed with useful information, tips and resources to support them manage their time, revise effectively and help them prepare for exams.

Your Revision Portal could include:

  •   An exam timetable so students know when and where their exams are taking place
  •  Access to past exam papers using the Shared Folder widget
  •  Useful links to websites, subject helpers, lessons and activities
  • Access to quizzes – use the Frog quizzes, check the Frog Store to see what quizzes other Frog schools have shared or make your own (don’t forget to share it in the Frog Store afterwards)
  •  A forum where students and teachers can contribute and help each other
  •  Links to support such as your school’s exam officer and counselling service


Tip: Save time creating your Revision Portal by using and adapting the Revision Portal template available in FrogDrive.  

Pre-built revision portal template

Use Quizzes 

If you have FrogPlay or I Am Learning the quizzes are a great tool for revision. There are over 250,000 questions covering all subjects and key stages. 
You can assign students quizzes as revision tasks or they can direct their own revision by choosing the subjects and areas they want to revise. The games and leaderboards help keep students engaged and motivated. Setting one quiz as a task could lead to hours of independent revision!
Did you know? FrogPlay includes short video lessons for English and Maths. Students can watch these to help them understand key concepts before re-taking a quiz.
Tip: The reports will highlight areas where students are struggling so you can offer additional support or arrange revision classes around these areas.


Stream Live Revision Sessions

Use Google Hangouts to stream live interactive revision sessions in the evenings. These can be really effective to engage with harder to reach students who are reluctant to attend in school. 


Promote Frog

Download and display our Frog poster around school to encourage students to use Frog for revision. You can customise the poster by adding your own messages and information. 

Click here to download the poster


Tip: Make sure students have links and login details so they can access from home, and on their phone! 


Revision Poster
If you would like more information on how Frog can help with revision get in touch with us. 


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