Save Time with New Pre-built Templates in Frog 

Published 4th April 2017 by Graham Quince, Engagement Consultant, Frog  


There are lots of sites that every school needs from a Student Dashboard, to a Parent Portal and a School Website to name just a few.  To save you time we’ve created a series of pre-populated templates that you can add directly to your platform and edit for your school.

These templates are intended as a guide, not a straitjacket. If there are elements you don't want to use, just delete or hide them. Most of the templates contain some guidance notes to help you get started. 


Where can I find the templates?

The templates are available for all Frog LMS/Learn customers in your FrogDrive.

To access the templates follow the 5 simple steps below:

1.       Open your FrogDrive in Frog's LMS

2.       Click on ‘Sites’ on the left hand side

3.       Click on add ‘New Site’

4.       Select ‘Frog Templates’

5.       Choose your template and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up


What templates are available?


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