Personalised day plans for pupils at Finton House School

19th May, 2020

Frog Education

Keen to create structure for their pupils adapting to learning from home, Finton House School created personalised day plans to support the teaching and learning experience...

Personalised plans

Each day pupils login to a remote learning dashboard where they will find their plan for the day. The schedule includes links to registration, zoom lessons, tutor groups and Frog subject pages with pre-recorded videos and activities for the afternoon sessions.




Whole school content, for example assemblies, clubs & enrichment and Wellbeing sessions are embedded in timetables so they appear in each class's schedule.

Personalised links for 1:1 sessions, messages and resources from the teachers help pupils feel better connected. The day's plan also includes a shared folder with any resources requiring printing and a list of equipment the pupils need to have ready for the day.  

Connecting teachers with their class

To set up the personalised daily planners, teachers start with a standard template and edit to add their own content.



Pupil ePortfolios

The school is also rolling out ePortfolios for each year group as a way for pupils to manage and display their work. 


The clever Set Keyword Widget notifies teachers when there's something new to see and they have visibility of their whole class too. Feedback is given to the children in the comments, with children also able to respond to marking.

A pupil's ePortfolio is shared with their parents, so they can monitor their child's work and teacher feedback. For exemplary work, teachers have the ability to send an ePortfolio direct to the Headteacher for commendation at the touch of a button.

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