Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Now that the festivities are done, and New Year Resolutions have been set, it’s time to welcome you back to school. This year why not add a couple of extra ones to support your school with Frog?

Take a look at our top tips for using Frog in 2023...


Quick Resolution
(5 minutes or less)

Add your cover lessons to the staff dashboard, make a space to share links or watch a training guide for something you didn’t know you could do. All our guides are designed to be short and to the point and can be found here...

Training Guides


Medium Resolution
(30 minutes to an hour once)

Build a self-marking quiz for an assignment. Once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to use it with all your classes AND if your colleagues do the same, you’ve suddenly got a bank of quizzes. Make sure to check out the duplicate quizzes option too, for easy to make end-of-topic tests.

Self Marking Quizzes


In-depth Resolution
(as long as you want to spend)

Sign up for our Frog Accreditation course. Learn about every aspect of the platform at your own pace and use that knowledge to transform how you use Frog. Alternatively, if you know everything already, blast through the course with examples you already have and claim your certificate and badge!

Frog Accreditation


We’re here to help, so if you find yourself stuck or wanting to know more about anything you saw in the last 12 months, or if you're just trying to bring an idea to life, give us a call! 


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