Mark Anderson joins Frog Education Advisory Board

Published 8th October 2019 by Frog Education

Frog Education is pleased to announce Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist, as a complementary addition to the Education Advisory Board.



Mark brings a wealth of experience in the education sector, incorporating more than twenty years within the classroom environment. With a heartfelt vocation to positively impact children’s futures on a larger scale, his influence grew under the ICT Evangelist pseudonym (also his Twitter handle).

Now an accomplished keynote speaker, independent strategist and trainer, Mark is a passionate advocate for the purposeful use of technology linked to pedagogy. As Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft Certified Educator, his interest in Frog places the brand in good company alongside high profile tech providers in the sector.

Mark will ensure sound pedagogical principles are embedded, supporting Frog to exceed expectation and deliver on founding values.


Mark Anderson speaking from the Frog19 Conference.

Connect with Mark Anderson:

Twitter         @ICTEVANGELIST

LinkedIn     themarkanderson


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