HTAFC Shooting Stars Award Win for Frog

Published 13th August 2019 by Frog Education

Shooting Stars recognises bright and inspirational local endeavours, something which Huddersfield Town and Lucas Lee found in Frog.

The Shooting Star awards initiative by Huddersfield Football Club - in association with Lucas Lee - singles out local enterprises and Frog Education captured their imagination as a local business supporting both UK and international schools.

"It's always good to hear of local businesses that operate around the world, and Frog has had some great successes in recent years. I hope they continue to expand and we look forward to hearing about their future growth."
Sean Jarvis, Commercial Director. Huddersfield Town



"The work Frog have done around the globe is truly fantastic, it's great to see a local company with so much passion and desire to help the children of the UK and further afield."
Chris Lee, Managing Director. Lucas Lee


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