Back to School EdTech Resolutions

Published 2nd September 2019 by Frog Education

A new academic year is full of opportunity and promise, a chance to try new things and overcome challenges. Get off to a great start with our top tips for making EdTech work harder for you in 19/20.

Make this year the one where EdTech plays a positive role in enriching school-life. Whether that's helping to reduce workload or approaching classroom content in a different way, follow our top tips to get started:


1. Be inspired by other schools

There's plenty to learn from fellow schools but often precious little time to meet. At Frog we try to facilitate  exchanges of best practice, because we know great things happen when schools meet.  When it's not possible in person, we believe that our regular Ribbits are the next best thing! They're bite-sized communications that regularly feature great ideas from Frog schools. Simply sign up with your email address to receive these direct to your inbox.



2. Attend an EdTech event

Good EdTech events can leave a lasting impression, changing our perceptions and providing guidance. The opportunity to network is also invaluable. We host an annual Frog Conference which addresses current topics through a variety of speakers as well as interactive workshops for Frog schools to learn about new and existing features. Join us for Frog 2020 when dates are announced. 


3. Volunteer to host

Another great way to meet and greet other schools is by hosting your own event. Your 'every day' experiences can become another schools' inspiration. We are delighted to be supporting Muntham House with a free SENCO event they're holding this October. They'll be sharing unique insight into the SEN teaching practices at the school that have been recognised as Ofsted Outstanding. We hope many more Frog schools will come forward to share their stories with others.

4. Get to know your apps

The Frog suite of mobile apps are all free to download and use. Each one designed to make school-life a little easier (and more fun!). Check them out!





All apps compatible with most Android and Apple devices - click your store link below...


5. Take part in the Frog Academy

The Frog Academy is all about sharing. Schools tell us what problems they need to solve, or ideas they may have for a new solution. If we can build it with the tools available in Frog, we'll create it or support schools to do so. The fruits of this labour will then be shared will Frog schools for free.


If you've a problem to solve in school and think it could be achieved in Frog, why not take part this year?

Explore The Frog Academy

6. Try a new tech solution

We all use tech on a daily basis, yet most of us stick to only a few familiar features and functions. Why not take the time to try out something new in 19/20? Frog digital courses are a perfect way to start, allowing you you go through at your own pace. Go on! Impress your colleagues!


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