Behaviour Management Solution for schools now in Frog!

Managing challenging behaviour in the classroom is never easy but Frog has a new solution that provides the perfect audit trail for behaviour-related activity such as, detentions, incidents and inclusion unit referrals.

The Behaviour Management solution is free of cost for FrogLearn users under The Frog Academy model (inspired by schools, for schools).

Behaviour System


Tick_1 Easily log incidents on your mobile phone for instant recording.

Tick_1 Set and record detentions.

Tick_1 Book students into an Inclusion Unit and monitor their progress.

Tick_1 Analyse student records for meetings with parents and assess the most effective form of behaviour control.

As you'd expect with Frog, you can easily edit elements within the Behaviour Management System and create a solution that works perfectly for your school or MAT.

Get it added!

If you'd like to enable the Behaviour Management System within your FrogLearn platform, please complete The Frog Academy form, so we can activate this for you...

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