FrogCode Workshop gets everyone building widgets

Published 14th July 2017 by Graham Quince, Engagement Consultant, Frog  

On Wednesday, 12th July, The Judd School played host to our second FrogCode workshop.  Five schools were represented by staff full of ideas on widgets they wished to build to make their FrogLearn's even better.  And the Judd School sent along their own student coders to take part and build.

Widgets varied from a week A/B indicator and noticeboards which could display images, to classroom tools such as an image with a rollover text area.


Not just for FrogLearn

George Bligh from Greenshaw built a widget which reproduces FrogProgress' My Progress app.  This will allow him to add this information to the students' dashboards directly.

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Frog's Chris Smith and Graham Quince were on-hand to share any tips and tricks needed.  Most ideas were achievable on the day, although some attendees have some homework to finish their widgets before they are ready for wider consumption.


What has been wonderful to discover about FrogCode is varied nature of widgets people are creating with it.  You do need some coding experience to get started.  FrogCode uses a combination of HTML, Javascript and jQuery.  


If you are not comfortable coding, you can still benefit from FrogCode.  Widgets built by our schools are shared on the communty and can be installed via Package Manager.


If you wish to get started with FrogCode, please contact our Service Desk and they can enable it for you. To find out more about FrogCode, visit

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