New! Whitepaper: The Move to Online Remote Learning

Published 16th October 2020 by Frog Education

Exclusive whitepaper from Philip Yeung

Lecturer at University of Bath and Bishop Grosseteste University.

"Despite the incredibly challenging situation we have found ourselves in during the past few months, two things are clear; firstly, this is an opportunity for us to learn, innovate and transform our education systems, and secondly, we should all work together to find the best way forward. Therefore, beyond the pandemic, the crucial question of how we can make the most of what we have learnt needs to be answered, so that we can turn the turmoil into something positive educationally."

Having attended the Frog20 Virtual Conference which brought together schools from around the world to share lockdown experiences, Phillip Yeung took an independent view of the key themes raised in this new and exclusive whitepaper.

"As an educator who spent over a decade working in schools and colleges, I have been very much intrigued by how schools and other educational institutions across the world have responded to the crisis and to see what valuable lessons can be learnt from this experience…"

Held August 2020, the conference was a precursor to schools returning to a full intake in September in the UK and aimed to connect people through shared experiences.

"This year’s annual Frog Conference took place in a year of unprecedented change. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt across every corner of the planet and in every sector, not least in the world of education. Since the start of the pandemic, most countries have been forced into some form of lockdown, resulting in schools, colleges and universities closing their doors, with millions of staff and students being told to work from home."

With schools at different stages of embedding education technology, the transference of a face-to-face experience to an online one was highlighted in a number of ways by guest speakers at Frog20.

"Admittedly, online remote learning is very different to face-to-face learning in the classroom, however, the examples from the conference do provide evidence that technology, when used well, is perfectly capable of facilitating good quality teaching and learning that is both structured and flexible."


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