Frog Development Update 

Published 3rd May 2017 by Gareth Clegg, Head of Development, Frog Education 


This is the first of a new monthly blog providing a round-up of what the Frog Development team are currently working on. Giving you an insight into the updates and new features that you can expect to see in Frog in the coming months.


The Austen Release

We are currently planning our next release which will be entitled “Austen” which will be a smaller release than Dickens.  We will keep you updated as we finalise the release schedule.


Frog Learn Updates

Mobile Templates

We’ve taken the top 20 most used themes in Frog Learn sites and made these mobile responsive so your sites will now work and look great on desktop, tablet and mobile.There will be more on this in a future blog post.

We are doing a lot of development work on mobile including push notifications and a homework app, you will be able to find out more and get an exclusive first look at these developments at the Frog Conference in June.


New Attainment Widget (Austen)

Attainment Widget.png

As voted for by customers via the Ideas Portal, the Attainment widget is expected in the Austen release. It works by collating data from your school’s MIS and will provide an overview of pupils’ attainment, and grades. Through toggles you can control what information different users such as teachers, parents and pupils see.


Attendance Widget Update

The Attendance widget will include a summary overview to show overall attendance for a pupil.  This feature is great for parents to provide a summary of their child’s attendance.


Assignment Monitor Update (Austen)

Assignment Monitor.png












The update will provide an overview of what homework and assignments have been set. These can be seen by class, subject, teacher with easy to understand visuals. This feature has been requested by schools and will provide SLT with the information to monitor and review homework policies.



Future developments in Frog Learn 

Deeper Office 365 

We know lots of our schools use Office 365 and OneDrive which is why we have a focused project on deeper integration with Office 365. We are currently planning this project and it will be released in stages over the next 12-18 months. During the first stages OneDrive will appear in your FrogDrive and you will have full read-write access to OneDrive directly from Frog. In addition, you will be able to preview Office docs directly in Frog without the need to download the document first. We’ll keep you updated on this exciting project as it progresses.



We’re very excited about our work on FrogConnect. FrogConnect enables users from any Frog account to link directly to any other Frog account, including those on completely different servers in different locations. This is ideal for MATs and schools who want to share portals, sites and information with each other. Each school will have full control over what the other schools can see and do on their Frog account.

This is a longer-term project which will be released in stages adding extra functionality and integration at each stage. We’ll keep you updated via the blog and emails.

You can attend the FrogConnect workshop at the Frog Conference to find out more about FrogConnect, what it will enable you to do and the benefits.


Frog Progress Updates 

New Age Related Reports

Our aims are:

  •  Improved quality of age-related reporting available in line with customer requirements
    • Two new Age Related reports are in production;
      • Students vs Time - This report is aimed at both senior leaders and teachers providing an insight in to both progress and attainment for students.
      • Contextual Groups vs Time - This report is aimed at senior leaders who want an insight in to how each cohort in a class is performing over a whole academic year.


  • Improved user experience of the reporting application
    • Provision of additional Help
    • Streamlined functionality
    • More logical naming convention


Stay updated...

We'll keep you updated on the Austen Release and future developments via the Frog blog, newsletters and social media on the developments and when you can expect them. 

If you have any questions regarding the updates or would like any support contact the Frog Customer Success Team



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