Proud Pieces

Everyone loves sharing something they’ve gone all out to complete, especially students. Throughout the year, they'll work hard on creating great examples of work that they're proud of. Whilst their works looks great up on the classroom walls, why not share further?  

North Lakes School have been using FrogSnap and their class sites to replicate and celebrate this in Frog. It’s also an opportunity for children in other classes to see their effort as well as they might not ordinarily have the chance to.  

On a regular basis, the students use FrogSnap to take photos of their best work, sharing these to a site on Frog which the school call their “Proud Pieces”.   

You can create your own site and customise it anyway you like, then add the Site Timeline widget to create a display which the teachers can have open on their whiteboards during lessons or parents evenings. 

Here's our guide to the Site Timeline widget...

Site Timeline Widget

If you would like any support on this or any other features, visit the Community or get in touch!


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