Flexible Forms

Think you know forms, think again! Over the last couple of years, we’ve greatly improved the functionality of forms to provide you with more options such as...

Tick_1  Hidden fields

Tick_1  Select User

Tick_1  Editing and deleting entries

Tick_1  Added Security 

Forms Training Guide


Elizabeth Sylvester from Frederick Gough told us:
"We used forms to take feedback from both students and staff so we could continuously improve our practice."

You can gather simple information, or go much further, with in-depth features such as emailing selected users, allowing people to update entries and even control who sees what. 

Richard Gash at Collegiate uses forms to survey his pupils:
"I have used forms as an end of year review to collect data on favourite and least favourite topics, styles of teaching resources e.g. video based, self-marking quizzes.” 

Access Control provides Forms with an extra layer of security, limiting access to submitted data. 

Forms Training Guide


And there's more...

There's a couple of other things that Forms can do that you might not have realised: 

Tick_1  Emails
Tick_1  Limit Submissions
Tick_1  File Uploads 


If you wish to learn more about forms, why not consider signing up for the Frog Specialist module where you can earn badges while you improve your Frog Know-How. 

If you would like any support on forms or any other features, visit the Community or get in touch!


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