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We all know how important quality cover lessons are for students to ensure they are getting the best support throughout the year. But when cover is required it's helpful if there is work available that can assist the substitute.


Mick Flaherty, ICT Coordinator at Stockport Grammar School, shared with us screenshots of a training site he’s created on the school’s Frog platform. It’s loaded with examples (some Mick created from scratch, others from Frog Templates).  In all cases, Mick has taken the time to populate the sites according to the schools needs. 


Cover Lessons 

Of the many examples, the default Cover lesson template caught our eye.  Here Mick has laid out a simple cover lesson format.  When teachers are requesting cover, they are required to complete a page like this for each class, to ensure progression of learning. 


Mick has helped us create a shareable version of the Cover Lesson, which we’ve made available in Frog Templates – ready whenever you create a new site...

If you would like any support on this or any other features, visit the Community or get in touch!


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