Using Technology to Combat Bullying

15th November, 2016

By Danika O'Connor , Digital Marketing Manager

In light of anti-bullying week, we want to highlight how one of our schools uses frog to support their anti-bullying policy. Bullying is a concern in all schools, but how can technology such as Frog help us achieve our goals to combat bullying?

Kate Wragg, Head of ICT for Education and Leadership Trust (The Education and Leadership Trust (ELT) is a Multi-Academy Trust incorporating three schools driven by co-operative values in Manchester. The schools are Whalley Range 11-18 High School, Levenshulme High School and The East Manchester Academy). Their anti-bullying policy is ingrained in their schools culture, and they use Frog to support this ethos.
Using Frog, students can report bullying simply, in a safe and secure way, and at any time. Kate Wragg explains: "We have a shared strategy across our schools covering all aspects of safeguarding, even if the processes maybe be different". A form on their Frog dashboard can be filled out by students and will immediately alert their head of house.

Cyber- bullying is something the school is particularly vigilant about, Kate and her team noticed that an e-Safety site created as a one-off for a Focus day still regularly attracts visits from students. "I think we had 20,000 visits to the site last year. Students were never directed to it, but they are interested in learning how to stay safe online." Says Kate.
We love to hear about how you are using Frog in different ways to achieve your goals, and on #antibullyingweek this is a great way to learn how to safeguard your students.
You can find out more about Anti-Bullying week by visiting our Frog Community here.

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