New! Free messaging in Frog!

8th January, 2020

Frog Education

We've just gotta get a message to you... If you're paying for a text messaging/bulk email solution at the moment you'll appreciate just how quickly costs can mount up. We don't want you to have to put a price on school communication which is why we're delighted to introduce a free messaging service.



All you need is FrogLearn!

Available in-platform via the MyFrog app.

This messaging solution doesn't even rely on the recipient having a mobile phone! Parents can also access messages from the school by logging into their Frog portal and picking them up in notifications.


School messaging service

  • You choose who in school is authorised to send messages
  • Send messages to individuals, classes, year groups and copy-in their parents
  • Recipients receive a push notification on their mobile phone and can view in their inbox


Connecting parents

  • Parents have a convenient way to pick up important messages from the school. This can support or eliminate the need for letters home.
  • Direct links to forms and other information within Frog.


Valuable insight

  • Reports provide school with message engagement information.
  • Get read receipts for every message, providing confidence that your announcement was received.
  • Spreadsheet exports for your school office,


The messaging solution is available now in your FrogLearn platform. If you're using MyFrog App for the first time, please download from the FrogStore.


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