Our First Trip to Exhibit in the USA is this June

Published 22nd June 2017 by Danika O'Connor, Marketing Campaign Manager 



2017 sees us taking our first trip across the Atlantic to exhibit in the USA at the ISTE Conference, a huge exhibition which sees over 750 stands all for Education. We’ll be there with BESA between the 25th and 28th June this year and we can’t wait! It’s taking place in San Antonio, Texas at the Convention Centre if you’re going make sure you pop by to the UK Pavillion, stand number 2332.


Frog is used in over 23 countries including the USA, which is a market we have decided to explore further given our long-standing support from Talbot County School District. This partnership has allowed us to develop our product to ensure it’s perfect for the education system in America.


Eric Moseley and his team from Talbot County explains why he started using Frog and how it’s become integral to everything the school does…


“Four years ago, the relationship with the previous LMS became problematic.  In order to provide a better online environment for our staff and students, the decision was made to look for a new LMS.  After 160 hours of research into various learning management systems, FrogOS now FrogLearn made the shortlist of 4.  A committee made up of teachers, media specialists, an instructional technologist, IT director, and Assistant Superintendent viewed presentations. In June of 2013 Frog was unanimously chosen to be our next LMS and have never looked back.  There is always push back when you have a systemic change but after 4 years with Frog our teachers are fiercely loyal to the product because they know how powerful a tool it is.” Eric Moseley, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Talbot County Public Schools.


Matthew McLaughlin Social Studies Teacher, at Talbot County Public Schools Maryland explains; “Frog is more than a learning management system it is a true virtual learning environment.  FrogLearn is one of the easiest management systems to use.  I am able to quickly and accurately create pages for my students to use that are visually appealing and have strong design for learning.  I am able to adapt on the fly with this program and allow students to have access to some parts and deny access to others.  


Through groups I am able to differentiate and personalize the learning.  Using assignments, another aspect of Frog, my students receive work, turn it in, and I can leave feedback and grade their work.  


FrogPlay allows for a gamified method of assessment as well as giving students a choice.  It leaves me with metrics of how students perform and I can create feedback to assist in instruction going so far as to allow students to watch videos.  


Another outstanding aspect is that as a teacher, I can build quizzes or use ones that are preloaded created by teachers across the world.  Normally I find questions and information in the store that I can use for free allowing me to adapt it and create something that is better than one teacher working alone.  


Frog also allows Google Integration.  This expands its use to all of the Google Apps and connects them to the assignments.  My students have been using Google to collaborate on projects and assignments creating an online method for those who cannot meet face to face.  


Frog Progress allows me to track students.  I can input my standards and leave evidence for what students have done.  The overall aspect of their inclusion and merger creates a powerful location for students to access all of the information and tests in one location.  Further the teacher is able to make better decisions based within Frog as it correlates and graphs the data that I need.  Teachers now can have the students use technology to assist in their learning, freeing the teacher to move to a guide on the side method of education.  The students have 24/7 access to the information where the students can no longer say I lost it.”  


If you want to find out more about Frog and why it works so well for K-12, get in touch with the Frog Team… or fly to Texas and come to the ISTE Conference. Whichever is easier!


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