Don't worry about 'getting ready' for September say Ofsted

Published 12th July 2019 by Frog Education

We were delighted to welcome Ofsted's Sean Harford (National Director, Education) as keynote speaker at the Frog19 Conference. Our aim was to provide Frog and non-Frog schools with a good understanding of the new Education Inspection Framework coming into effect this September.

Whenever there's change, there's uncertainty and many schools were concerned about what would be expected of them, come September, if Ofsted came to visit.

We asked Sean to clarify...

“Keep calm and carry on!”




In his keynote presentation, Sean reiterated that schools shouldn't be worried about going into September. Ofsted will put in a transition period over the year, so if the intention part, the overarching curriculum, is not quite where it needs to be, schools won't be downgraded for that in this first year.

Hear Sean talk about this in his keynote at Frog19

“Schools shouldn't be worried about going into September changing lots of stuff.”




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