How Frog supports children with
communication difficulties

Published 6th January 2017 by Nicola Hinchliffe, School Relationship Manager 


Frog is utilised in different ways from school to school but one that got our attention recently was Stivichall Primary School and how they’re using Frog to support one pupil and his family.

Ikraj is a new pupil who started at Stivichall Primary School’s Reception in September 2016 and has Down’s Syndrome. Ikraj’s speech development means he finds it difficult to communicate what he’s achieved at school with his family. The school needs to keep the lines of communication open with Ikraj’s parents on a regular basis so decided to utilise the power of Frog by creating a private site which is updated daily. This is key for staff and family members to monitor his development throughout the year. This level of interaction means his learning can easily be continued at home. With the use of Frog Snap, the app that allows you to capture and import media straight from your device; the school are now able to share what is happening in the classroom.

Ikraj’s parents are over the moon with how Stivichall Primary School are using Frog, his mother said “It can be difficult to have conversations with staff at drop off and pick up times. Frog enables us to communicate as and when we have time. We can't simply ask him 'what did you do at school today?’. Our minds are put at ease with regards to having visual evidence to support what feedback we have been given by school staff. Frog is so important to us given we have a child with limited communication skills.”

Mandy Burley, Learning Support at Stivchall says “In the past we have used a home school link book when there has been a need for daily communication between school staff and parents. However, we quickly realised that we have a tool in Frog to not only share day to day communication, but a tool that would enable us to share videos and photos too! Frog has made it possible for the family to share precious memories together. We have uploaded photos from his first day at school and videos of his first PE lesson. Furthermore, in time, this will become evidence of progress made over the school year.”

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