Welcome Back!

The summer holidays will soon be a distant memory as marking and class planning take over once more.

This year, why not try something new with your school platform. We’ve got three ideas for you that will save time, improve outcomes and reduce workload...

Create a Pilot Group!

Read why Blyth Bridge High School have a homework process for the whole school. Why not work with a pilot group to start setting work to and reap the benefits.

Cover Lessons with continuity

There’s bound to be a cover teacher needed at some point, so why not organise some templates, ready for that temporary member of staff who can then ensure continuity of learning for the students. Stockport Grammar School kindly supplied their template which can be selected when making a new site in FrogLearn.

Improve your skills

Make sure you know all about Frog through our free self-study modules. Sign up to our Frog Skills courses or even better, sign up all your staff!

Join the dozens of educators who have completed their Frog Specialist and Frog Genius courses who have shared how they used Frog to transform their school.


Don’t forget the FrogStore, packed with resources, themes and FrogCode widgets to help make your Frog platform keep you one step ahead.


Get in touch!

Feel free to get in touch if you need to discuss anything else with us. Here’s hoping September goes as planned!



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