Go digital with your school planners!

As many of you will be looking into next year's school planners, we wanted to provide a quick recap of the free* Digital Planners solution available through the Frog Academy.

Over the past year, teachers and learners have become much more comfortable with using digital resources, so this could be the ideal time to make huge savings on printed planners.

Back in 2018 Blythe Bridge High School did exactly that and saved £4,000!

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Just a reminder of TheFrogAcademy
solutions we can switch on...

Tick_1 Appraisal & CPD
Tick_1 Digital Planners
Tick_1 IT Helpdesk
Tick_1 Finance Portal
Tick_1 Rewards System
Tick_1 HR Portal

Tick_1 MAT Intranet
Tick_1 Behaviour Management
Tick_1 E-Portfolios
Tick_1 Parents' Evening
Tick_1 Online Safety
Tick_1 Social Media


 *School-inspired solutions we can enable - for free - within your FrogLearn platform.

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*Digital planners and all Frog Academy solutions are available to FrogLearn users free of charge. 

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