Get Sports Day ready with Frog!

Sports Days are synonymous with Summer and yes sometimes that means it will rain! Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic day that everyone loves to be involved in and planning is easier than before.

 With National School Sports Week starting on 19th June, it’s a great opportunity to encourage students to get active before your schools’ sport day.

George Bligh from Greenshaw High School uses Frog to promote their sports days to staff, students and parents.

By using FrogSnap to live blog the event, it keeps all the photos secure behind their login and of course, taking the photos on FrogSanp, the images are automatically removed from the device on uploading – perfect for safeguarding.

To learn more about FrogSnap, check out these online guides...

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You can download the app from one of the stores...

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We learned about Greenshaw’s sports day thanks to our Frog Specialist course. If you would like to become a Frog Specialist or even a Frog Genius, click here to find out more:

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