SEND Records secured on Frog

 Gosforth Academy is a large high school located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for Years 9-13. The school is part of the Gosforth Group Multi-Academy Trust. Adrian Tate is an ICT teacher and the school’s VLE Co-ordinator.


The Challenge 

The school’s pastoral staff needed a simple way to maintain records for all Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) students, whilst also providing teaching staff with easy access to those records. The SEND Coordinator was keen to avoid introducing any additional solutions as that would require teachers to set up and remember further login details. 


The Frog Solution 

Adrian worked with the SEND Coordinator and team of teaching assistants to create SEND ePortfolios in Frog. They were able to customise the layout (creating further engagement), and by using the ePortfolio system each space is secured for Academy staff access only, while being individually named for each student.

The SEN groups are maintained by their MIS link and during the academic year, it is a straight-forward task for Adrian to create spaces for any new pupils.*


The Impact 

This solution makes even greater use of the Frog platform that teachers already use daily. The school ensures staff have instant access to relevant information and personalised guidance for each pupil with SEND. Frog’s easy-to-use editor means teaching assistants can easily update information from laptops, desktops and tablets.”
Adrian Tate, Gosforth Academy


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* For those familiar with the ePortfolio system, Adrian made use of the “Do not view” option in the wizard. This allows for the ePortfolios to be about an individual, without giving them access).




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