Your back up plan for school closures

When your school closes, teaching and learning doesn’t have to stop.

Covid lockdowns may be behind us but extreme weather, industrial action or building maintenance issues can still threaten to disrupt school life.

Don’t wait for a closure event to happen; take a proactive approach by downloading our School Closure Portal from the FrogStore and then customise it to suit your school.

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Here are some additional suggestions to enhance your backup plan due to a forced closure...


Communication Channels

Establish clear communication channels to keep students, parents, and staff informed about school closures, updates, and any changes in the learning plan.


Digital Collaboration Tools

Provide access to digital collaboration tools that facilitate teamwork among students and enable teachers to conduct online discussions and collaborative projects. Using a Wall or Forum widget will allow students to ask questions and share ideas.


Training and Support

Offer training sessions for staff on Frog to provide ongoing technical support to address any issues that may arise during remote teaching. Provide a link to Frog’s training guides with handy videos.


Learning Strategies

Develop alternative remote learning, such as online quizzes, projects, or virtual presentations. Anyone can create an interactive quiz on the platform and set this to a class or individual or even a whole year group!

Parental Engagement

Keep parents informed about the remote learning and provide guidance on how they can support their children's learning at home will be key. FrogSnap is an easy way to get the students involved as well in showing what work they have been completing by creating a site and sharing this with parents. 


Student Well Being

Prioritise student well-being by providing resources for mental health support and ensuring that there are mechanisms in place to identify and address any challenges students may face during remote learning.


Review and Update

Regularly review and update the school closure plan to incorporate feedback from teachers, students, and parents. Ensure that it remains aligned with the evolving needs of the school community.

This is time saving and means you are prepared whatever happens!


If you'd like any help or would like to share any ideas that other schools could benefit from, please let us know! 

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