Off somewhere?

When organising school trips, there's so much to consider, but with Frog, that's taken care of...


  Adrian Tate from Gosforth Academy took his students to San Francisco last year.  He planned the whole trip in Frog, sharing itineraries, important documents and of course, FrogSnap photos of their time in the US.


Take a look around Adrian's site...



To save you time and money, you don't need to worry about having Adrian's skills to create such a site, we already have a School Trip Template, available in Frog Templates.




Here at Frog, we're planning our own trip.  Our Customer Success Team will be on the road with the Million Pound Challenge roadshow, starting in April.  We'll be coming to a school near you to share best practice and money-saving tips.  


 What more could you need?


Have fun!



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