Can you make use of a QR code widget?

The Quick Response (QR) code can easily be used in Frog thanks to this handy little widget.


The QR code symbolised by bar-code squares is a great way to incorporate a visual link that will quickly take your visitors to additional content using a mobile device scanner. We had a query from River Tees Trust about the possibility of a QR code for each student's ePortfolio. Their idea was to print off the codes and attach them to physical workbooks, so anyone inspecting the work could link to the student's full ePortolio.

Ready-to-use in Frog

We thought it was a great idea so we built it using FrogCode!

By default the QR code widget will create a direct link to the site it is sitting on but it's also possible to customise the web address. Once set up, simply scan using a smartphone camera or free QR app and it will open the browser and take you to the chosen destination.

Please note: Sharing permissions may mean you're required to login to Frog first.

To get the QR Code widget, ask your Admin to download and install it from this link:

QR Widget




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