Provide an individual experience for pupils in Frog

Inspiration from Frederick Gough School 

How do you use Frog day-to-day?

Arrows-short2 Host live lessons through it via Google Meet

Arrows-short2 Set assignments for students

Arrows-short2 Set PREP work for students to complete in own time (Sep 21)

Arrows-short2 Revision purposes

Arrows-short2 Assessment tools

Arrows-short2 Intervention sessions after school

Arrows-short2 Quizzes


What was the new solution you were seeking?

Before September 2020 we decided to create live lessons for every in case they were needed at some point in the academic year.

Once the classes were created, we were unsure of the easiest way to share this information with 1350 children. It felt like a huge task!


What solution was found in Frog?

Frog enabled us to create an individual page
for every child that includes:

Tick_1 The child's classroom (if they are in school)

Tick_1 Unique links to their Google Live Lessons 

Tick_1 Name of their bubble class

The integration of Google in Frog meant that this was all possible and it was amazing for us during the 3rd lockdown and for whenever a student needed to isolate.


Summary of Personalised Data Solution

Individual lessons for every child to watch

Teachers/students shown how to access live lessons via Frog

Smooth transition to live lessons

Now used for interventions


Try it!

How to setup personalised links for students...

Personalised Data




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