How Penistone Grammar reshaped teacher workload

 Emails reduced by 48% 

When Penistone Grammar set out to reshape teacher workload at the school, improving communication was top of the agenda.

Their Approach

They started by issuing a staff survey, the results of which revealed the many different forms of communication typically received by form tutors:

 Emails - Tutor tray - MIS - Tutor meetings - Briefings  - Students

They analysed the average number of emails received per individual over a 30-day period to understand the volume being received,


Average number of emails 387

Their chosen solution was Frog - here's what they put into action:

Tick_1 Placed all policy documentation and notices on Frog

Tick_1 Set clear and consistent rules for communication practice

Tick_1 Removed other methods, for a single source of truth

The Impact

Tick_1 Staff no longer raising communication as an issue

Tick_1 Every stakeholder has access to the information required

Tick_1  2017-18 number of emails dropped by 48%


Mike O'Brien - Strategic IT Lead
Penistone Grammar School 

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