Flexing our Forms even further!

When Chris Langstaff at North Huddersfield Trust contacted us for some assistance on forms, we knew he was after more functionality than currently possible with Frog. North Huddersfield Trust School have been with us for almost 10 years now and Chris works hard to utilise their platform in a variety of different ways.  

The Scenario

Every year the school’s curriculum leaders are asked to nominate 2 students from each year group for awards in numerous categories on their annual Prize-Giving Evening.


The Dilemma

 Although Frog’s User Select field can be limited to only search for students, Chris wanted to limit this even further to specific year groups. This was to remove the risk of staff selecting students with the same or similar name in different years. With 10 user picker fields already on the form, there was bound to be added complexity here!


The Solution

Chris worked with Graham Quince to use modify code already shared on our Community Forum. The resulting forms allowed the school to target students in each year group... 


Community Forums


We spoke to Chris to find out how well it had worked and told us:

“Digitising this annual process has saved time and effort for both our events manager who collates responses and staff that are making the submissions”

"Previously staff were asked to type names of students into a digital form, however our Events Manager had to spellcheck student names and spend time working out which students had been nominated. The user picker field ensures that student names are spelt correctly and we can easily identify the nominee using other information that is built into Frog such as UPN number. By limiting the user picker fields to specific year groups we’ve also reduced the risk of an incorrect student being selected."

“Once again Frog has enabled us to digitise and improve an otherwise tedious process.“


If you’re keen to try something new in the platform or you feel that Frog doesn’t quite do what you had hoped, why not get in touch for a chat to see if we can help...

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