FrogRibbits - what's the croak?

We recognise from your feedback that we're just not getting our communications out to you as often as you'd like.  We know we've got lots of great stuff in the pipeline and already have lots of useful features you probably don't know exist. 


The purpose of these Ribbits are to inform, inspire and encourage use of your Frog platform.  So, we will show you...

  what you've got
  what's coming next
  what good looks like


From now on, each Thursday, you'll get a Ribbit in your inbox and not long after in your platform.  Over time, the library of Ribbits will grow, so you can choose to view now or read later at your leisure or even share with a colleague.

Don't forget, you also have our fortnightly webinars and the Frog Community for more ideas, tutorials and case studies from Frog and our customers.


Have fun,



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