Helping Exam Invigilators

With this topic in the news at the moment, Greenshaw High School are sharing their fantastic Exam Invigilators Portal...



Lara Ballard, Greenshaw’s Exam Manager explains:

“We have quite a large group of invigilators and it became very difficult whenever I needed to gather or share information relating to exams.” 

“This was usually done via email which became very messy and sometimes things were missed!” 


The Solution

"[We created] an area on Frog for the invigilators so that everything could be located in one place and I could easily share important information as well as collate information like their availability.” 

The Impact

“It has saved me at least 5 hours of work!” 

“It's really helpful to have an area designated for this that any of 
my team can access if I am absent.” 

“The feedback from the invigilators is positive too, they like
that it is easily accessible” 

Greenshaw have kindly shared their Invigilator Portal, which you can request from the Service Desk via this form:


Request Site





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