Annual Frog Housekeeping

We want to help make sure Frog works smoothly as possible in the new academic year so here’s a reminder of the tasks you might want to work through on your platform: 

Tick_1Assignments & Markbooks 
Tick_1Assessment Cycles and Periods 
Tick_1Users & Groups 
Tick_1Acceptable Use Policy 


We know its a couple of months away but bookmark this reminder as these are important annual housekeeping jobs. Don't forget that our support team are always on hand to assist if you need.

Check out the housekeeping guides here which are in different sections depending on what product your school uses...

Housekeeping Guides


Frog's Helpful Features

It's also a great time to remind staff about helpful features of the platform such as re-using sites or homework to save time in the new term. If anyone needs a refresher on any elements of the platform, perhaps share the link to our video training guides:  

Training Guides



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