A head start for September

Have you got new staff starting in September?
Then why not introduce them to Frog straight away so they can quickly become familiar with how easy it is to set work in the platform.

“Don’t forget to give your new starters a hand
by sharing your homeworks with them”

You can assign pages and sites, but if you think new staff could be daunted by the thought of creating a media-rich, engaging homework, then perhaps there’s something here for you.


Adrian Tate from Gosforth Academy has shared a copy of one of his sites which you can download and edit as you wish...

Homework Template

Not only is it quick to set an assignment in Frog, but these can also be prepared in advance and shared with other staff too. This is a great option if your subject areas work together so the workload can be shared.

“Remember you can reuse your assignments from
last year from the Markbook”


Nicki Taylor at Oak House School in Barcelona also shared a brilliant homework site as part of the Frog Accreditation course, and you can see this here...

Homework Example

If anyone is completely new to creating sites and homework in Frog, or needs a refresher take a look at our video guides which provides all the help and knowledge needed to create your own amazing content...

Sites Training

Perhaps you have a lesson or resource you’re proud of, that you’d be happy for us to share? If so, please do get in touch! 😊


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