Ahh FrogSnap, you complete me...

FrogSnap lets you scan documents, take photos, videos and audio and upload them directly to your Frog Platform and its completely free! Lovely..

Want to take photos using your phone and securely upload them, not having to worry about safeguarding?  

Want an easy way to share short videos of your students with their parents or for performance review?

Want to record conversations during MFL lessons and keep a record?

There's an app for that.  FrogSnap, the free app for iOS and Android does all the above.  To get the most out of it, why not take a look at our training site (also available to download from the FrogStore)



You can download FrogSnap for both Android and Apple devices:

Links-App_Play.jpg Links-App_Apple.jpg
tinyurl.com/frogsnapdroid tinyurl.com/frogsnapple


Have fun,




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