New Feature for FrogSnap

Make media the way you want it through FrogSnap!

FrogSnap is a powerful photo, audio and video recording app which lets you send media directly and securely from your phone to Frog.

If you've not yet discovered this great free app, you've been missing out! For regular users there's a update which makes media creation and sharing even easier on the move. Where FrogSnap media would appear on a the Frog site timeline, you can now also use the content in the 'Media' and 'Link to File' widgets.


What this means

It means you have creative control! Whether it's diagrams, podcasts or video tutorials, they can all be created in FrogSnap, sent directly to your site as before and embedded neatly alongside other content in a page.


Getting Started

FrogSnap is designed to be easy to use but should you need a bit of support to get started we've a guide available for you...

Support Guide 

Have fun!



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