Our FrogPlay UK Champions!

We're delighted to officially announce our winners for the FrogPlay UK Championships 2019. 



We've seen some amazing results in this year's FrogPlay World Championships and UK schools have stormed the leaderboard.


Here's the top 3 UK Schools:



Westminster Academy




Burnt Ash
Primary School


See school results


The students have played an excellent game, achieving record-breaking scores on the board.



Westminster Academy students take 1st and 2nd prize

Burnt Ash Primary student takes 3rd.

Prizes are on the way to these 3 champions!

See student results


Last year's winning schools saw some amazing results from increasing their use of FrogPlay in school and we look forward to sharing this year's impact stories with you. Thanks to all  competing schools!

The competition isn't over yet , as the top 5 from the UK leaderboard will soon receive an invitation to the FrogPlay World heats to be in the running for huge cash prizes.


Congratulations to our winners! 



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