ePortfolios: Save up to £4k by ditching your paper planners

This powerful, new feature will not only allow you to save money but also innovate the way you communicate with your students!

We're really excited to tell you that ePortfolios in Frog will be available next month in the Agatha Christie release.  We're calling them ePortfolios, but actually they can be so much more. 

Designed in collaboration with some of our schools, ePortfolios allow you to replace your planners by quickly and easily duplicating sites for every member of a group (students or teachers).  From there, you can use all the usual Frog widgets to create rich, dynamic sites to capture student progress, staff CPD, project work etc...

 This video highlights what's possible:



To find out more about ePortfolios and to ask about its features, join us on on the forums


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