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Your Frog platform can be used for so much more than just setting work. We’ve got a great idea to get more people going back to the platform regularly, which has worked time after time for Gosforth Academy.

In July, the school have a ‘Summer Yellow Week’ where students get to pick activities from their Yellow Week Portal. The information can only be found on Frog.

Following the success of the Yellow Week Portal, they have created an Enrichment Portal in Frog as well. Two lessons are set aside each week for enrichment and putting all the details on Frog means that the information can be easily revised and shared. It’s going to be set as a ‘dashboard’ for students and parents all year round to ensure all the information is readily available.


Some of the clubs and activities are seasonal, so these will either be shown or hidden depending on the time of year. This is straightforward to complete using the rule option on the specific site. The individual activity sites are nested into the main portal to make editing easier. Adding images of the most recent ventures allows students to see what’s involved and notice board widgets keep people updated on changes to locations and times.

Save time and money

Not only does the information remain clearly accessible for students and parents, but it also saves time and money with no printing costs and the idea can be reused again for other school clubs and activities throughout the year.

If you need a helping hand to create a portal, or have an idea for something different, why not get in touch...

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