How to manage in multiples
A guide for Multi-Academy Trusts

15th August, 2018

by Lucy Evans Chief Customer Officer

Schools have many challenges to overcome, add to that responsibility for multiple schools - all with individual needs - and you start to imagine the enormity of forming, running and developing a Multi-Academy Trust. So how do the numbers ever add up?


Much is still to be figured out but here are 3 ways in which education technology can make management in multiples add up:

1. Effective centralisation 

Individual approaches work well on a small scale but multiply this by 3 or more and chaos ensues. Centralisation isn’t always popular but has been proven time and again to be an efficient way to set expectations, manage resources and gain consistency across a group.

This model can be managed effectively through education technology, instead of each individual school creating and maintaining policy documents for example, these can be held digitally and centrally in single copy – easily updated. If everyone is accessing the same document in a central location, it significantly reduces administration for document control and reduces the risk of a school using out of date information.

2. Sharing best practice

When a Multi-Academy Trust is formed, there is often a mix of strong and weak performing schools. A MAT leader takes on the responsibility for the performance and financial status of every school in the trust, so it is important to set a standard for the weaker schools to meet. Selecting the stronger school as the example makes sense but how could that be shared across the group?

Education technology such as FrogConnect makes this possible, providing every school with a single sign-on access to exemplar materials approved by the trust as a standard. This can also be supported by smaller success stories, so that if one school has a Geography department that is outperforming KPIs and getting great results, that gets shared too.

Results speak for themselves and sharing best practice is a great way for a MAT to boost the overall performance of the trust.

3.  Admin relief

Schools can easily drown under administration and a MAT can’t afford to have multiple departments performing inefficient tasks that are heavy on resources and budget. Central digital communication tools can save thousands across a MAT, particularly in printing and postage.

Using education technology, a MAT can use digital portals where information can be controlled centrally and shared with all relevant stakeholders. Access to such a library means administrative detail such as policy documents, contact information, options forms can be managed from a secure location. Access can be shared with parents and students to eliminate costly ‘letters home’ that are easily lost or misplaced.

Education technology can enable a MAT to successfully manage multiple schools and stakeholders. The examples given are just some of the solutions available.

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