What is FrogConnect? 

An overview of FrogConnect for MATs 

Published 27th June 2017 by Graham Quince, Engagement Consultant, Frog  


FrogConnect is our new solution which enables schools that are part of a multi-academy trust (MAT) to communicate and collaborate effectively.  


This short video explains how FrogConnect works and can benefit your school and MAT. 



We have been working with several MATs to develop FrogConnect.  


The benefits of FrogConnect are: 

Centralise Leadership 

Enable trustees, governors and exec team to collaborate within a secure environment. Share strategies, support and guidance for new leaders and schools joining your network. 


Share Best Practice 

FrogConnect provides the ability ro share exemplar materials and resources whilst still giving you control when you need it. Ensuring everyone is assessing to the same standard. 


Centralise Policies & Procedures

With so many policies and procedures, FrogConnect enables simple access for all your Frog schools to documents via a centralised dashboard. In other words, update one, update them all. 


Analytics Dashboard

A central analytics dashboard gives you a view of activty within each of your conencted schools. Discover what is working well within each of your schools and highlight any areas that you would like to improve upon. 


Site Management Tools

Jump directly into other Frog platforms in your network with a single click! All connected platforms can share and manage lesson plan sites, viewing them as if they are in their own Frog platform. 


Centralised Communications

Keep everyone in the loop! A central hub enables you to keep control of the messages you want to share within your network of schools.  


Launching Autumn 2017 

The first phase of development is now complete and we expect to fully launch FrogConnect in Autumn 2017. 

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If you are already using Frog in your school and would like to take part in our Beta programme get in touch with the Customer Success Team

If you are new to Frog and would like to find out more and how it could work for your school, get in touch with our team to arrange a demo to see it in action. 

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