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At different stages of our lives we move between being teachers – mentoring, managing or training – and being learners. Workplace training is not only necessary but can also be very valuable for continuous professional development.

Our approach to these roles can have a lifelong impact, whether imparting information or taking it in - our CPD blog has been created to support you in theory and in practise.


CPD Articles
How to use online training to ensure your brand voice is heard
Dec 1, 2021, 8:09 AM
Any frog will tell you (albeit in a series of unintelligible croaks) that the ability to be able to project your voice across a vast territory is crucial for survival. For our amphibious friends, this comes down to the usual squabbles around territoriality and securing a mate. But for professionals with an interest in training (and a warped imagination) there is a definite link, here, to the human realm and the world of organisational culture.
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