Does your training solution support your long term goals?

Published 24th November 2021 by Frog Education

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The idea of being ‘boxed in’ is not just unappealing for us Frogs, it is something most humans avoid too. Unfortunately many company investments in technology end up doing just that, leaving people restricted and unable to move forward as a result.


So how can you ensure you don’t find yourself falling out of favour with your  training solution when the parameters change?

1. Buy for now and then 

By this we mean that when you are scoping out a new training solution you should consider not only what boxes it needs to tick to solve your immediate challenges but also ask questions about how the training solution could grow with you. What if the number of people to train increases? What does the mobile experience look like should more staff require access away from a desktop? Change is inevitable and although none of us has a crystal ball, thinking about the possibilities will help you to draw up questions that can be asked when the solution is shown to you.

2. Give yourself creative control 

Technology should ultimately save you time and provide an improved experience overall. For those less confident with technology, it can be a temptation to source the most basic solution with the perception that this will be less-complex to use. This is not always the case and is actually more likely to box you in. Greater creative control over your training solution will improve the future proofing of your investment. Whilst you may stick to the basics at the beginning, as your confidence and experience grows you will soon be investigating new ways to create, curate and deliver your training. A solution that provides a user friendly interface and has inbuilt flexibility will allow you to get creative – whenever you are ready.

3. Make sure it works for everyone 

Whenever new technology gets introduced and rolled out there is likely to be resistance from people who haven’t been involved in the process but need to use it. Whilst a training solution will mainly be the domain of the people in charge of organisational training, anyone who manages a team is likely to interface with it at some stage and let’s not forget the end users – the learners! Whilst you won’t want to invest in a solution by committee, once you have chosen your favoured platform, communicate the benefits to all prospective users ahead of launch day and once the first courses are underway, ensure users are supported throughout. Share good news stories to encourage ongoing participation. Help managers to access training insights on their teams so they can see the benefits of their teams getting to know the new solution.


If everyone gets on board at the beginning and through the initial breaking-in period they are much more likely to champion its ongoing use.


The success and longevity of your training solution is very much in your hands. The process begins when you are scoping out what you would like the training platform to do and then the work in promoting and championing its use continues until it is fully embedded.


Don’t underestimate the benefit of a solution that offers a good degree of flexibility. Being able to influence the look and feel of the platform in the future for example means it can move with brand changes and reflect current trends in training delivery. Whilst you may be shopping to solve just one problem, it isn’t a bad thing if you can solve more – even if they are future ones.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is very much a people solution. As a conduit for training it is likely to touch all employees from the top to the bottom of an organisation. This means that everyone has a vested interest in having a solution that’s easy to use and looks nice. Putting adequate time aside to promote the benefits internally and supporting the roll-out will help to bring people on board.


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